About us

Behind intiyo is a team with profound experience in the renewable energy sector and the aim to provide efficient and scalable performance measurement and soiling solutions to accelerate the rapid adoption of sustainable energy in the face of climate change.

Our Vision

We believe in the importance of renewable energy and solar power to create a sustainable environment.

Over the last decades, renewable energies have grown out of incubation and emerged as economically viable, ecologically superior, secure and clean sources of energy.

Solar energy has emerged as a mainstay power source and will contribute significantly to the energy mix of the future, all over the world.

We are fully committed to contribute to efficient solar power production across the globe.

Our Mission

Contributing to the global transmission towards renewable energies with our expertise in solar, leveraging our ability to work at the crossroads of business and technology.

Advancing the ecosystem by creating sustainable value for our clients and their solar power production.

Our mission is to provide efficient and cost effective performance monitoring and soiling solutions to maximise the economic benefits of solar power production.