Realise the potential of your PV system

Maximize the allround yield throughout the lifecycle of your solar PV. Receive data-driven advice on soiling, performance degradation and optimized cleaning interval.

Monitor energy yield loss caused by soiling

Solar losses caused by dust deposition (soiling) on photovoltaic panels can impair energy yield substantially. Studies have shown that losses can be up to 15%-20%. intiyo provides an affordable, compact and cost effective solution to this problem for homeowners.

Connect without retrofitting

Our sensor is mounted next to the PV system without additional cabling. It is completely self-sustainable and uploads measurement data in real time via Wifi to our data processing software . The software aggregates and processes data from the sensor, the PV system and weather satellites to identify soiling and performance related issues.

Guided by data-driven advice

Using intiyo's monitoring enables you to receive data-driven advice on the soiling status of your system, related economic losses and optimal cleaning intervals. To clean at the right time and to ensure a stable production without unnecessary losses due to downtime it is key to optimize the return on investment in solar harvesting.

Your benefits

Improve yield

  • Monitors overall efficiency of PV system
  • Calculates degradation of installation and modules
  • Data driven advise
  • Peace of mind knowing that you're at your peak performance

Reduce costs

  • Monitors soiling levels and related yield loss
  • Calculates optimal cleaning intervals
  • Comprehensive alerts
  • Optimizes maintenance costs. Complete maintenance when and where it is needed